Benson Williams

Wherin Mr. Benson Williams pleads for assistance recovering funds once belonging to his brother Steven Williams Levitan.  Of course he probably should first find someone to help with his English!

The Operation Officer For Foreign Payment, Private Banking, National Bank,
Ref: A/c # 1072514588 of Mr. Steven Williams.

Consider my request! Sir.

Mr. Steven Williams Levitan was my relative, who died in the plane crash of Ethiopian airlines, flight No.801, along with some of the passengers and crew on board.

On checking the various records of my relative, I his brother, Mr. Benson. Realized that he maintained an account with a bank with the account number! A/c # 1072514588

Some of the deceased's and managers suggest that there was a credit balance of the sum of (USD$20,000.000.00) (Twenty Million, United States Dollars) in the account.

As next of kin, I would now like to submit my application to your esteemed bank for a release of my brother! Sir Steven. Into your bank, in the concernment of your bank, for my safety purpose

Sir, kindly consider my information's, let me keep you in tough, if you need anything, please do Contact me.
Hope you wouldn't mine if provides some back up my claim.

You may note that these funds are needed to pay off Mr. El Mir Hsu Ben's liabilities, and also to complete some of unfinished urgent projects started by Mr. El Mir Hsu Ben. Therefore, I would request you to please process my claim and release the funds as early as possible.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Yours faithfully

Mr.Beson Williiams

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thank you for contacting me with your request. What a shame that your relative died in such a terrible accident. What was the cause of death? I know in most cases the impact of the plane crash kills the occupants, but since you say only some of the passengers and crew died then I assume the plane crash was a mild one. Perhaps your relative was toasted by flames?

Your brother was quite rich when he died. I'm surprised that other family members aren't crawling out of the woodwork. It was like a feeding frenzy when my cousin Charlie died, leaving behind millions from his successful beeksteak operation. Do you have any sisters or brothers who might want a piece of the action?

Back to the matter at hand...that large hunk of cash that we need to take care of. What do I need to do to help you out of this interesting predicament?


Sam Walton
Founder - Wal*Mart

sir, sam.
compliment of the season, my lost friend.
i think my brother is in hell. it's just happened that, you dont understand my friend,do you think people are the same,hope not! cuz you think upside down, and why your dull brain is back word. well thank for the coversation.
i no! you dont like your future.

(Sent 2003/01/09)

Excuse me please, for maybe, but not only am I confused by this response but also thankful for the opportunity. Me also!

To infinity and beyond!


(Received 2003/01/10)

Sam. Hello, how was your day,

Donít be confused, ok! I am specialize in killing cow in Africa, hope you wouldnít mine joining, have a nice day, my friend

Dear Benson,
My day was not so good cholesterol level is way too high according to my doctor, so I need to cut back on red meats and eggs.
So you are a rancher in Africa?  Is that a lucrative business?  Every time I see photos of cows in Africa they look pretty emaciated.  That must make for some real lean beef.  I could probably eat your cows and not have to worry about my fatty blood.  For now it's back to egg white omelets and skinless chicken.
Your buddy,

(Received 2003/01/11) Cool formatting from Mr. Williams so I left it intact with the colors he selected.

Hey, Sam. How are you doing on a fine day, well the atmosphere here is a bit cool. Likewise you.

 Are you serious about your doc. It means you have a personal doc, I donít think I have non, here in Africa, nevertheless we do have but I think, you need to pay a visit, to the hospital, first before treatment. It simply (mean pay b-4 service)

probably, yours will be in the house now! Taking good care of you. Hope so,

Well Sam! Is my occupation, itís pretty enjoyable when killing cows, but I prefer monkeys, cuss they frustrate me a lot. Actually Sam not all cows, sometimes the lions too. Not all the time, Sam! May be when the lions are asleep we do drug them. But not when theyíre starving, cuz they may use you for there precious dinner. lollÖÖ..

Sam, you are such a funny person, you make my day. By the way how were the red meats and eggs? Sweet I guess so. Bless uÖI will write againÖ. sweet dreamsÖÖÖbye.

(Sent 2003/01/13)

Dear Mr.. Benson,
Luckily the weather here in Arkansas is not too cool.  It's a refreshing change from the summers when the humidity and temperature make it a most inhospitable place.
I can understand your desire to punish monkeys...I spank my monkey often, sometimes twice per day. 

(Received 2003/01/13)

Hey, Sam! How was your weekend, sure quite sweet! I enjoy hearing from you. Sam cuz you make my days. U means you spank your monkey often, may be twice per day. It means your monkey is a bit rude, look! Sam why donít you make it easy, by throwing him out through the widow, I guess itís one of the best ways, of treating a stubborn monkey. Itís Just like my neighbor that jumps from a 10-story building may be he thinks he can fly that easy, any way, I pray he rest in peace! Well Sam take good care of your self-ok! Bye. Stay safe.  

(Sent 2003/01/14)

Yo Benson!
Hmmm...toss out the window.  I never heard it put that way before.  Choking the chicken, flogging the dolphin, bashing the bird, turning Japanese, those are the usual phrases I've used.
Maybe your neighbor jumped because of too much stress?  He should have choked the chicken instead.
So did you get your money problem taken care of?

(Received 2003/01/14)

You are quite right, Sam I think is a good Idea,

Hello, Sam! How was your day today, guess cool. Choking a chicken! I donít think its a best idea, well may be next time, when he comes back to live.

Sam, could you believe this. A guy here said. Washington DC is the capital of the White house, it that right! I donít think so. Sam, Think he needs deliverance. Well take care friend, bye.  

(Sent 2003/01/15)

Hello Benson!

I went to the official White House web site at***  and was unable to find anything about Washington DC.  Does your friend know any of those women that work at the White House?  I can see why Bill Clinton had such a hard time keeping his John Thomas under control (if you know what I mean).  Everyone in the secretarial pool!

*** Note - is a pornographic site - Material is DEFINITELY not suited for minors.

(Received 2003/01/17)

Sam! thanks so much for the comment, and co-operation, I like the site! He also said, he look exactly like the statue of the liberty, sure his dreaming, Sam are you that romantic. Cuz the site look so sexy. I donít think I will tell my friend, why donít you tell me about yourself, how old are u. Sam. Kindly tell me your name and I will tell you who you are. have a nice weekend...sam...

(Sent 2003/01/18)

Are you on drugs man?  I've told you my's Sam Walton.  I don't feel comfortable telling you more than that unless I know more about you.
Call me parnaoid...

(Received 2003/01/19)


how is everyone, hope cool as the weather. i was upset to hear you say that, nevermine about that anyway! am not on drugs, am just (sick).. for a while, sam i will send you my pic. ok! when next i write. 

Sure you wouldnít mind, looking? like a Spanish dog? (Just-kidding u)

Sam! you insulted me (y) Sam, for me writing you all day, doesnít mean am job less or less busy! All I do is to express my feelings for you,and how much i care.about! though I may not be rich, but still understand when it comes to knowledge and wisdom.  I donít think I deserve that! From a beautiful lady like you I appreciate you so much; I tried making you feel happy! But still yet, you insulted me. Please donít be Rudd, ok! Just a friend simply means how much I care, and I donít think it will stop me from writing my best lady. Have a wonderful time. Sam.  


(Received 2003/01/20)

Sam! I was worried when I dint hear from you, today. Well like I said! I wonít let go.
Take a look at my pic. Lady,see standing like a new (penny) anyway the car behind me is a company car. Well nice to meet you once again am Benson!
Sam,is your turn now! dont panic ok! Take care.

Benson Williams?

(Reply sent 2003/01/20)


What a lovely automobile! Is that an Edsel?

I'm attaching a photo of myself receiving an award from former President Bush for your perusal.



(Received 2003/01/22)


how was work. today! sure cool. wow... hopss my goodness. the picture was preety good sam. i like, it the best i have seen so far. sam! i saw the president but i dont no! the lady standing behind him. could you tell me more about the the award.

lord bless the soul call sam.. have a wonderful day!!sweet dreams ...

(Sent 2003/01/22)

The woman standing beside the President is his mother Barbara.
I received the award for bravery in the face of danger.  You can read the full article at the Yahoo News web site.

(Received 2003/01/23)

dear, sam!

thanks for the coversation, and understanding. wow! i never new you where a man. i thought you were kidding, when you thought me alot about animals. how to feed them. it means you are very inteligent. and smart. well sam tell me more about the SCAM. ok!

your friend...


(Sent 2003/01/24) Note: Time to bring this one to a close

Dear Benson,
The scam was very similar to what you are trying to pull.  It's commonly called the "Advance Fee Fraud" or "Nigerian 419 Scam".  Info can be found at and
Essentially these characters (like yourself) send out tons of spam to random users (like me) to try and get us to send you money to retrieve non-existant sums of cash. 
Good luck in your future endeavors!

(Received 2003/01/25)


how was your work. hope quite cool.well i was glad you wrote me. believe me not sam. i am not the type or either trying to play on inteligent by telling you to send me some money. have ask for such, from you.plesae sam calm down, when talking to me. ok! with all due respect sir am not from nigerian. i dont even no! anything about the country. what do mustly is to wacth football. i like the game call soccer. i guess you do like the same also. look my friend i have seek help from alot, of people and the've assited me in so many ways, i dont think you ve done that to anybody on these earth. by the way i hate this earth, i rather go to mars or jupita.when next i come to african. my friend write more ok! cuz you made me laugh. bye.

(Received 2003/01/27) Note: New email for Benson []...and now he signs it "Tom"

sir, sam.
hope fine i dint hear from you today why. is that the way of, fogeting an old friend of yours, nevertheless. stay cool my friend and do not miss understand me. ok!
your friend tom.

(Received 2003/01/13)

sam, lond time no. c.

how are u. on a good day i am worried. was going on friend. i realy miss hearing from you.stay safe friend.. be cool.

(Sent 2003/01/31)

Benson...or is it Tom?

Why did you sign one of your other messages "Tom"?