Sarah Hendrich

(Received 7/9/2002)

Miss Sarah Hendrich Johannesburg 2000, South Africa []

I am Miss Sarah Hendrich,the daughter of late Sir John Hendrich, the re-known white Zimbabwean wine and cattle farmer. I got you contact courtesy of a business journal from the South African information exchange, here in johannesburg.

During the war waged against the farmers in Zimbabwe by the supporters and cohorts of President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white owned farms in our country, my late father's big farms were among those targeted by the ZANU-PF armed group.

In the course of the revolution in Zimbabwe, the ZANU-PF armed group attacked and invaded my fatherís farms, burning, destroying and eventually killing him.

After my fatherís death last year, I managed to escape the boundaries of Zimbabwe into South Africa, because my life was threatened and Zimbabwe was no longer safe for me.

I escaped safely into South Africa with my Fatherís lifetime fortune of US$20m(Twenty million, US dollars) cash, bonds, important documents of property title and other valuables as he instructed to do before he died. The money and valuables were concealed and secured in two treasure boxes, and were transported to Johannesburg through diplomatic means. The boxes are currently safely secured in the vaults of a private security and brokerage firm here in Johannesburg.

Presently, I am residing temporarily in Johannesburg pending the outcome of an appeal filed on my behalf by my attorney for the Department of Home Affairs to grant us political asylum.

I am in a dilemma on how to move this money safely out of South Africa for investments. Moreover due to South Africaís governmentís stringent monetary policies/regulations and the sensitive and volatile political status of the region, it would be most dangerous to attempt investments here as such act could jeopardize my chances.

In recognition of your personal executive powers and investment opportunities that abound in your country, I solicit for your assistance in moving this money out of Africa.

I will also like to use this money for investment in your country, you will guide all my future investment in your country and it will be operated on partnership level.

You will be getting 20% of the total investment capital moved to your country, as your share for assistance and the balance will be plugged into the investment projects.

Upon receipt of your indication of interest to go into co-operation with, we will open up discussion on the best ways to invest in your country.

Awaiting your soonest response by return mail.


Sarah Hendrich

(Reply sent 7/9/2002)

Dear Sarah,

Praise the Lord that you were able to escape the clutches of the ZANU-PF. I have had similar brushes with death at the hands of The 700 Club and their leader Colonel Robertson. He and his cohorts once tried to proclaim him President, but he was defeated and retreated in shame to his lair in the south.

You say it was a revolution. Well, you know, we all want to change the world. But when you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out. It sounds like you are working on a real solution, and I'd love to see the plan. If it requires a contribution, I'll do what I can.

Looking forward to your speedy reply.



PS - It's gonna be alright (alright...)

(Received 7/10/2002) These nations are so poor that they can't even afford paragraphs!

Attention Mr Sam Walton,

Dear sir,

Thank you for your response to my mail and your offer to assist me out in this my predicament.I was indeed very elated when i got your response which signifies that a mesiah has come.You see the funds and the other valuables was handed over to a security company for safe keeping in their vault pending when a helper like you will come up to assist.The fact is that you will only need to put up claims as the beneficiary of the funds/treasuries.The necessary change of beneficiary status will be changed from my family name to your own name so as to make it easy to be couried out unchallenged witout raising eye brows because of my refugee status.The recent arrngements made by my attorney is that he informed me that he has made contacts with the security company to assist transfer the said fund/treasuries to a more secured country which will not attract much taxes.He just told me this morning that the security company has offered to courier the consignment via diplomatic means to their affiliate companies in either Bangkok in Thailand,Amsterdam, or Cotonou in Benin republic.These are all offers made by the security company to make things easy for us because of the stringent monetary policies in south Africa.more especially to a refugee of my status. I will like you to please as a matter of urgency send to me your mailing address,your telephone and fax numbers,The name you will want the lawyer use to prepare the chance of beneficiary staus from our family name to the name you will give me as the new beneficiary,all these necessary documents will be faxed to you for your consent.You should know that hence fourth,I am part of your family and should be regarded as such.In your next mail I will like you to indicate the country as stated above you will prefer the consignment be couriered to,your telephone and fax numbers etc. I am expecting to hear from you soonest as this will facilitate this transaction. Thanks and remain blessed. your's sister.


(Sent 7/10/2002)

Dear sister Sarah,

Praise be from the earth to the heavens that we have been joined in this venture. I'm sure that you are still distressed over the loss of your father, especially because of the terrible way he was killed. I am a bit concerned that these hooligans might still be after you and your wealth, so please be sure you stay out of harm's way until after we have made the transfer.

The address of my business is:

The Big Box, Att: Sam Walton, 702 S.W. 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716

You can fax documents to me at xxx-xxx-xxxx, or call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please have your attorney contact me if you need additional info.



(Received 7/10/2002)  Still no paragraphs, but at least the message is brief.

Dear brother Sam,

Thank you for your mail.I will give all your details to my lawyer who will have a good rapour with you.H e will start preparing the change of beneficiary status of the documents.As I told you earlier,the security company have concluded arrangements to transfer all the consignment to Bangkok in thailand,there I will meet you or my lawyer or representative will meet you to have a round table talk with you on the way forward,and also for you have your own share for your asssistance.You are right,Ihave been living on the good will of my lawyer,God has been too good to me.I am out of sight of those hooligans,they do not know my where about,so no cause for alarm.The necessary documents will be procured soon and faxed to you,you should just get your self ready so that immediately the consignment is suuccessfully couriered out,you will be informed so that you will travel to bamgkok to claim it from the affiliate office of the security company.Y ou will be given more details by my lawyer or me as time goes on.Acknowledge receipt please, Thanks, your's sister, Sarak.H.

(Reply sent 7/17/2002)

Dear sister Sarah,

I have not heard from the lawyer yet...I hope he isn't charging you by the hour.

How soon would I need to travel to complete the transaction? I've just returned from a long trip, so I would prefer to wait until August to travel again.

Where are you living during this time of crisis?

Your brother,


(Received 7/18/2002)

Dear bother,

Thank you for your mail of today.Infact my lawyer has been away to make an on the spot assesment on the various security companies in which the financial institution wants to courier the consignment to.The assesments took him to Thailand,Amsterdam and cotonou in Benin republic.He has just returned and promised to call you as soon as possible.Infact he has been too nice to me since my arrival in south Africa.Try to get in touch with me any time he contacts you so that we will make proper arrangements.He will be in a better position to advise you on a better way to handle this issue,so comply with him,he is a God fearing man.I am hoping to hear your confirmation that he has contacted you. Thank you and God bless. your's sister, Sarah Hendrich