What and Why

Inspired by the work of Buddy Weisrerman (page is now gone) and Elizabeth Hanes, I decided to start replying to the so-called Nigerian Scam emails I receive on a regular basis.  You've probably received one of these letters yourself...they mention some sort of political trouble that required them to flee with cash or gold and they need your help to get the money into America. 

The scams vary in style, but they are usually related to some political upheaval in an African nation. The stories that these con artists weave are truly amazing, even going as far as faxing documents and sending photos of themselves to reassure the intended victim.

 I started writing because I'd rather they waste time conversing with me than exchanging email with someone who might be fooled by their pleas.  I initially replied to these folks using one of my "real" email accounts. However, I've since switched using the name Sam Walton.  I doubt that any of these folks are coming to the US but it's better to be safe than sorry.

If you have stumbled across this page because you are a victim of one of these scam artists, contact the Secret Service.  These folks are real criminals trying to steal real money from real people.  For a really complete repository of Nigerian correspondence, visit Scamorama.